Ts & Cs

upstairs@tmb is a quiet workspace. Please have your phones on silent and keep conversations as quiet as possible. We understand that everyone will want and need to make calls, but please be considerate to others using the space. On the other hand, we neither want nor expect a library-like “hush”; we are confident that considerate use of the space will enable everyone to work there comfortably.

For those users who do find a background “hubbub” disruptive, we suggest you bring noise-cancelling buds or headphones.

Bookable accoustic booths will be available from July for those needing privacy for Team or Zoom meets. We will shortly be installing hush-hoods in the breakout room for those wanting privacy during personal calls.

Children and pets are not permitted, with the exception of assistance dogs, in which case please contact us so that we can help you and your dog be appropriately accommodated in our space to ensure everyone’s safety.

The breakout room is also a quiet space for workers wanting a break from their desks and screens. If you want to have a meeting, the café downstairs will take table reservations but there will usually be a table available for a small group.

For larger or more formal meetings, from mid-June we will have a meeting room available for bookings on the top floor. This will comfortable seat up to 10 people. Please see the Bookings menu for more details.

To protect people’s space and equipment, we ask that no food is eaten at the desks. The Modern Boulangerie café serves delicious cakes and pastries, as well as more substantial hot food, and they will be happy to welcome you.

We have a super-strict honesty policy. CCTV is in operation. Any theft or malicious damage to our property or the property of our clients will be prosecuted.

Anti-social behaviour and discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated.

It is important to us that people are able to come to upstairs to work in the knowledge that it is a safe, happy space.