In the pipeline……

Following some really helpful input from users and guests at our launch event, from mid-June we will be adding:

Carpets Down

The space is really coming together now, turning from a large empty space to a carpeted room ready for desks and screens. Although part of the floor had been re-boarded the area near the windows included a number of old (Victorian?) timbers that although solid weren’t particularly level, so we had the complete floor overboarded… Continue reading Carpets Down

What’s Planned

upstairs@tmb is going to be a space to work in comfort and quiet. We’re planning 18 hotdesks arranged on 3 tables in the beautiful open-plan first floor above the Modern Boulangerie. A further 5 standing desks will be arranged along the periphery of the room. The space is light and airy, with high ceilings, 2… Continue reading What’s Planned