What’s Planned

upstairs@tmb is going to be a space to work in comfort and quiet. We’re planning 18 hotdesks arranged on 3 tables in the beautiful open-plan first floor above the Modern Boulangerie. A further 5 standing desks will be arranged along the periphery of the room.

The space is light and airy, with high ceilings, 2 large bay windows at the front and high windows at the back providing an abundance of light but no direct sunlight avoiding screen glare.

There will be a breakout/meeting area within the space, and hush-hoods for telephone conversations on the stairwell mid-landing.

We have high speed wifi – to Wifi6 standard, with a managed fibre link providing up to 500Mb download speeds.

Each table space will be wide enough to accomodate laptop, notebook, reference material etc.

The second floor consists office space booked through our membership scheme, a meeting room bookable by the hour or day, and a small breakout area reserved for the office users.

The first floor hotdesking space will have a small but funky loo.

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